Pure water equipment

Pure water Equipment

Pure water and ultra pure water equipment

Pure water and ultra-pure water system OL FEVU series

  • 2-stage RO unitRD Series
    RD Series

    Excellent energy saving. details

  • EDI (electrodeionization salt type) unitEY-XP / HF Series
    EY-XP / HF Series

    Stable supply of high-purity deionized water. details

  • Final polishing unitFP Series
    FP series

    Less requirement of energy, water and space.

  • Cabinet
    RD / EY / FP applied

    To improve the aesthetics and safety.

Electrical desalination type pure water equipment super design Rina over

  • SD-XP / HF Series
    SD-XP / HF Series

    Good for treating highly hard water. No chemicals required and energy thrifty. details

  • SDA Series
    SDA Series

    Designed for convenient use. The stability of the water quality is achieved through prolong operation.

  • SDA-A series
    SDA-A series

    Zero chemical waste system and environment-friendly. details

Cabinet type pure water equipment Pure Light

  • PRC Series
    PRC Series

    Beautifully designed cabinet with strong resistance to rust. details

  • PRO Series
    PRO Series

    Highly functional best-selling product.

Synthetic polymer composite film reverse osmosis device Osmo Clear

  • ROB-0500/ 1000 series
    ROB-0500/ 1000 series

    Space-saving package type cabinet with built in filters. details

  • ROB Series
    ROB Series

    Pursued with economical efficiency, compactness and easy operability. details

  • ROC Series
    ROC Series

    Adaptable to a variety of applications. Simple system configuration. details

  • DRA Series
    DRA Series

    Possible production of high-purity RO water. A reverse osmosis membrane in the two-stage water flow. details

Other pure water equipment

  • Heat exchange unitHEA Series
    HEA Series

    Improve the operating efficiency of the RO apparatus.

  • Film CO 2 removal unitMDA Series
    MDA Series

    For the longevity and carbonate removal of the cartridge.

  • Cartridge pure water deviceG Series
    G Series

    Best domestic cartridge for pure water device. details

  • Option
    electric conductivity meter RG-12

    Automatically measures the water quality as water passes through it. details

  • Optional
    water quality indicator RG-8A

    RO improves the operation efficiency of the apparatus. details

  • Optional
    electrical conductivity of the two-point measurement meter MH-9

    Temperature compensation with alarm output contact. details

  • Fully automatic type pure water equipmentAMC / AM Series
    AMC/AM Series

    Long lasting pure water equipment. Easy-to-use. details

  • Manually type pure water equipment
    HM Series
    HM Series

    A single control valve operation management makes it simple to use. details

  • Options
    raw water supply unit
    raw water supply unit

    High-performance pure water equipment to realize the construction time.

  • High purity corresponding 2-bed pure water equipmentMegasaku MGS Series
    Megasaku MGS Series

    Possible to reduce silica concentration. details

  • High-performance multi-bed pure water equipmentStrata SGX Series
    Strata SGX Series

    High-quality, short-time regeneration, shortening the construction period of the implementation. details

  • Unit type ultra-pure water equipmentOrutoria UC Series
    Orutoria UC Series

    Unit of pre-treatment, primary pure water sub-system.

  • Cabinet type ultra-pure water equipmentPew Rick FP Series
    Pew Rick FP Series

    Central water supply in Lab level. details

Laboratory pure water and ultra-pure water equipment

Desktop type

  • Pure water equipmentPure Light PRA Series
    Pure Light PRA Series

    As an alternative to the distiller. Also in utility costs reduction. details

  • High purity water equipmentPure Light PRB Series
    Pure Light PRB Series

    It has achieved a high pure water grade in the tank circulation. details

  • Pure water equipmentMega unity
    Mega unity

    Maintenance at the touch of a button where water exchange is simple. details

  • Ultra-pure water equipment
    PURELAB flex-3

    Compact tap directly type ultra-pure water equipment.

  • Ultra-pure water equipment
    PURELAB flex-UV

    Easy ultra-pure water. details

  • Ultra-pure water equipmentPURELAB Ultra Series
    PURELAB Ultra Series

    Standard of ultra-pure water equipment. details

  • Ultra-pure water equipmentPURELAB Pew Rick ZⅡ
    PURELAB Pew Rick ZⅡ

    Bestseller ultra-pure water equipment. details

Cabinet type

  • Ultra-pure water equipmentPew Rick ω series
    Pew Rick ω series

    Trace metal analysis, organic matter analysis, for bio experiment. details