Business guide

Business Overview

  • Manufacturing of Water Treatment Plant and Equipment

    Based on the accurate water quality data, we provide solutions to the iron, manganese and other chromatic interferences in food industry, dyeing industry, paper industry and electronic industries.

    ・Filtration units, Pure water purification system, Water Softeners, Function water.
    ・Precision Filters ,Wastewater treatment equipment.

  • Operations and Maintenance

    Our services include the wide range of maintenance services land replacements of large to small scale water treatment equipment in order to restore their functions.

    ・Various water treatment equipment maintenance and periodic inspection.
    ・Filter exchange and replacement and others services.

  • Sales of Water Treatment Chemicals

    To prevent water quality problems in advance, we suggest and supply varieties of water treatment chemicals.

    ・Coolants, boiler water treatment chemicals and wastewater treatment chemicals.
    ・RO water treatment chemicals, cleaning chemicals and other products.

  • Machinery and equipment installation

    We offer the best choices for the construction and installation of large to small water scale water treatment facilities. Large water treatment plant, small-sized water purifiers and others.

  • Construction of Water treatment facilities

    Water is vital for peace of mind in our lives. We assure you that we will deliver you the best quality water at your doorstep through eco-friendly technology. We aim to create a quality life through sustainable technology.

    ・Water, wastewater construction and others.