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World Suiko Representative Director Yasuharu Go


  1. "World Suiko" is a company where every people put their effort and wisdom for the realization of rich livable environment by providing water treatment technologies.
  2. We seek balanced development of human and natural harmony through "water" for our society, including the global environment, and explore true happiness of life as a human being.
  3. We focus on the growth of the individual and honor their hard work, assistance to others to establish social enterprises. This will contribute to society through the development of business.

Based on these principles, our company has been founded.

Due to globalization, the distance between people has been shortened and closeness has been maintained yet I feel individuality is becoming rare. Everyone is privileged to have a happy life but in reality it is not.

If we think in the large frame of this world, human life is merely a small thing, however, peer group with the same aspirations, diligence if continues to work together, I believe we could to protect one aspect of mother nature through water treatment approach.

"We care about the health of the Earth."

As always, we look forward to your continued support in future too.

2015 April

(Ltd.) World Suiko Representative DirectorYasuharu Go

Company Profile

company name World Suiko Co., Ltd.
location 940-2127
Shinsan 4-3-10, Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan ( map )
TEL +81-90-3149-5362
Date of establishment 1981 January 30
Capital stock 20 million yen
CEO Yasuharu Go
number of employees 12 people
Correspondent bank Hokuetsu Bank Nagaoka Shinsan Branch
Daishi Bank Nagaoka Shinsan Center Branch
Taiko Bank Head Office Sales Department
amount of sales 177,492 thousand yen (35th)
Business line
  • Pure water equipment
  • Soft water equipment
  • lron and manganese removal filtration equipment
  • Filter equipment
  • Water treatment reagent for boiler
  • Water treatment reagent for air conditioning
  • Water supply and drainage facility Design and construction
  • Various plumbing work
  • Water treatment facilities its maintenance and management(Private factory and sewage treatment plant)
  • Cleaning operations of receiving tanks and elevated tanks
  • Collection
  • transportaion
  • Disposal works.
Registration permission
General sales registration for toxic and poisonous substances
Article No.425
Construction and cleaning of drinking water tank
Niigata 11th No.406009
Niigata Governor Construction Permission
(General 24th)No.17459(Pipe networks, Mechanical appliances set up, Water facilities construction works)
Industrial waste collection transportation work
Permit No.01504067426
Special management of industrial waste collection transportation work
Permit No.01554067426
Industrial Waste Disposal Work
Permit No.01524067426
Special management industrial waste disposal work
Permit No.01574067426
Main client
[Sold-to party]
  • Organo Co., Ltd.
  • Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Nagaoka
  • MEC Co., Ltd.
  • Organo Co., Ltd.
  • Marsan
  • Ltd. Iwaki
  • Ltd. CEM Corporation

Skills qualifications

  • Environment measuring instruments

  • Sewer management engineer

  • Administrator of wastewater treatment technology

  • First-class pipe construction management engineer

  • Supervisor engineer

  • Secondary pipe work construction management engineer

  • Septic tank administrator

  • Septic tank equipment

  • General Poisonous and deleterious material handlers

  • Operation chief for specific chemical substance etc.

  • Supervisor of cleaning and maintenance of tanks

  • Manager

  • Arc welding business

  • Gas welding skills

  • Crane operation(less than 5 t)

  • Mobile crane operation business

  • Construction life operation work

  • Seat rack(less than 1 t)duties

  • Vehicle construction machine operating skill (for leveling, transportation, loading and drilling)

  • Vehicle construction machine operating skill (for demolition)

  • Driving skill

  • Small Vehicle Construction Machine Operation

  • Operation (for Basic Construction)

  • Fork lift driving skill

  • Chief for Class 2 oxygen deficiency risk

  • Chief for Oxygen deficiency / hydrogen sulfide hazard

  • Chief for assembly of scaffolding

  • Chief for organic solvent works

  • Chief for handling dangerous goods

  • Chief Engineer for water supply equipment

  • Construction chief engineer


1981 JanuaryAfter 12 years experience in a water treatment company, we established World Suiko Co. (Capital 1 million yen) in Koshido, Mishima-gun (now Nagaoka city) with representative director
1985 JuneIt moved its headquarters to Nagaoka Oshimahoncho Area
1988 JuneCapital increased to 10 million yen with one additional officer
1989 JanuaryHead office and factory ware established in Nagaoka Shinsan Area
1991 JuneThe company organization was changed to World Suiko Co., Ltd.
1993 DecemberNew building completed
1996 JuneCapital increased to 20 million yen

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