• Filtration equipment

    Filtration equipment

    Food Industry , Dyeing Industry, Paper Industry, electronic industry and other industries where iron and manganese become a problem, the most suitable water filtration is provided.

    For filtering device

  • Water Softener

    Water Softener

    To convert hard water containing magnesium, calcium and other components to soft water.

    The water softener

  • Water Demineralizer

    Water Demineralizer

    Ion exchange, reverse osmosis and other varieties of options for producing pure water.


    For pure water equipment

  • Functional Water Production System

    Functional Water Production System

    Alkaline and acidic electrolyzed water treated by passing electric current.


    For functional water equipment

  • Precision Filter

    Precision Filter

    For removal of rust and dirt from tap water. Extensive lineup to meet the customer needs.


    For precision filter

  • Wastewater Treatment System

    Wastewater Treatment System

    Wastewater treatment processing units with less footprint, simple construction, easy operation and management.


    For wastewater treatment equipment