Functional water equipment

For functional water

Nani I electrolytic water??

When tap water consisting salt or dilute brine is electrolyzed by weak current voltage it produces aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution and dilute hydrochloric acid. The so produced aqueous solution is known as electrolyzed water.

The alkaline electrolyzed water

Alkaline electrolyzed water manufacturing equipment, will generate an alkaline water obtained by electrolysis of an aqueous solution of harmless inorganic salts such as sodium bicarbonate. Raw materials used are only baking soda, since it is possible to safely remove the dirt such as fats and proteins, it has been attracting attention as an alternative to detergents.

The slightly acidic electrolyzed water

Slightly acidic electrolyzed water has been gradually penetrating a wide variety of health management fields necessary such as food industry. In 2002, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Safety designated acidic electrolyzed water as food additive. Because they have other different excellent properties as chlorine-based disinfection which is commonly used, it has been expected to replace conventionally used sodium hypochlorite.

Functional water equipment

  • Alkaline electrolyzed water generator
    Alkaline electrolyzed water generator

    Required new system that acidic water is not generated. details

  • Slightly acidic electrolyzed water production equipment
    Slightly acidic electrolyzed water production equipment

    Sterilization, deodorant use.

Other equipment

  • Shochu purification equipment
    Shochu purification equipment

    Industry track record No.1, and improve the mild taste. details

  • Organochlorine compounds removing deviceAqua stream
    Organochlorine compounds removing device

    Inorganic chlorine compound measurement. details

  • Ion exchange resin column for the experiment
    Ion exchange resin column for the experiment

    The experiment of ion exchange resins, synthetic adsorbent. details

  • Homogenizer for bacteriological examinationEkusunaiza 400
    Ekusunaiza 400

    Bacteriological examination for hygiene.