Business Overviewdetails

World Suiko Corporation Limited provides engineering treatment solutions like Water Softeners, Water purification plants or systems, Industrial water purification and specializes in precise design, construction and maintenance of sewage treatment plants.

Manufacturing of Water Treatment Plant and Equipment

World Suiko Co., Ltd offers a comprehensive selection of systems for special customer needs. Few of our choices are Filtration units, Pure water purification system, Water Softeners, Function water, Precision Filters ,Wastewater treatment equipment.

Operations and Maintenance

World Suiko offers value added services for various water treatment equipment maintenance, periodic inspection and filter exchange and others services

Sale of Water Treatment Chemicals

Chemical for cooling water treatment, Boiler water treatment, Wastewater treatment , RO Water treatment, Cleaning and other products

Machinery and equipment installation

Large - scale water treatment plant installations, small - scale water purification systems etc.

Construction of Water treatment facilities

Water and sewage facilities construction etc.


Case Studydetails

This is an introduction of water treatment systems offered by World Suiko.
We supply products such as softeners, water purification devices, industrial and sewage treatment systems etc. to meet the needs of customers.
We ensure you that these are environment conscious and high value added products.