Wastewater treatment equipment

Function of the waste water treatment apparatus

Waste water treatment apparatus

Biological treatment

  • Biological membrane wastewater treatment equipment
    activator contact Series
    activator contact Series

    Space saving simple structure. details

  • Membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment system OFAS Series
    OFAS Series

    Realize stable and sophisticated quality processing. details

  • Flow carrier type anaerobic treatment apparatus
    Flow carrier type anaerobic treatment apparatus

    It has realized the high-speed and stable processing. details

Coagulation and floatation on the processing

  • High-speed coagulation-sedimentation equipment
    High-speed coagulation-sedimentation equipment

    Low cost due to less space. details

  • Fast dissolved-air flotation on the device H-DAF

    Low cost due to less space as well as high speed processing. details

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